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EAC Latest Version As Of 16.02.2014

Just started trying Exact Audio Copy a little bit.
My question is very simple and strange.
In their website I download the latest version which says:

Exact Audio Copy V1.0 beta 3 (including CDRDAO and Flac packages) last changed on 22.09.11

Do you guys know, why is it so "old"? ...2011
There have been now like over 2 years.
Is it because they are satisfied with the product, and no changes need to be done?
Or is the development of the product, stopped?


EAC Latest Version As Of 16.02.2014

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In August 2013 the developer announced that he had been working on a [a href='index.php?showtopic=103667']new project[/a] for over a year but expected to release a new version of EAC soon. The other project did take longer than expected to complete.

Edit: fixed link

EAC Latest Version As Of 16.02.2014

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Is it because they are satisfied with the product, and no changes need to be done?

Because EAC is so popular, any major problems impacting usability or security in the most recent release would be well known among users of this forum, as well as at the official EAC forums. I haven't seen anyone mention any such issues, so it's probably safe to assume that Andre, the developer, is satisfied enough with it that he can put it to the side for a while and work on other projects. I wouldn't assume that he is done working on it, though. He keeps calling every release a "beta"!

EAC Latest Version As Of 16.02.2014

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Funny tidbit: Going into the "About"-dialog of EAC and closing it brings up a message: "This beta version of Exact Audio Copy is rather old. Please get a new copy from ..."

And regarding major problems: There's a bug with some bluray-drives which are reading way too slow in secure-mode:

Yes, with accurate-rip, using burst is less of a problem, but AR doesn't help with fringe CDs.

EAC Latest Version As Of 16.02.2014

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sorry to bump, what I just found out about this new software. What are you guys using? EAC or EZAC?

EAC Latest Version As Of 16.02.2014

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Easy AC is to be discussed here:

eahm, your answer is not directly relevant to the actual question asked. If Dexter_prog wanted a general debate about rippers, they would have asked for one. Instead, they specifically asked users who are using one of the 2 programs by Andre Wiethoff to specify which – and, not written but presumably, to explain why. Your post meets neither of these criteria.

EAC Latest Version As Of 16.02.2014

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EAC has never been updated often, nor on a regular schedule. The basic (and terrible) UI has change little since it was first published. Whether it's labeled "beta" or "prebeta" there's no difference - it will always be unfinished. As for EasyAC, I'm not sure how much of the market it's gained. I suspect very little, as I never see it mentioned anywhere. I think I've seen one member here say that he liked the super-simplified program setup and UI, but to my mind, it looks like it was written for children to use.


And a comment on the moderator's comments:

If someone asks: Which are you driving: a Subaru or a Toyota? It sounds as though he assumes everyone must drive one or the other. I would hope that suggestions of alternative solutions would be welcome in an open discussion.

EAC Latest Version As Of 16.02.2014

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When you put it like that, fair enough. I assumed Dexter_prog was not under the illusion that only 2 rippers exist, simply that they wanted a comparison of only those 2. I have no intention of stopping this from being an open discussion. I guess I’ve seen too many threads where requests about specific programs were deluged under admonitions to use different programs, thus going OT. But let’s see how this goes and what Dexter_prog actually wants. I suggest splitting it to an appropriately named new thread once the desired direction is made clear.

As for EAC, granted the UI is not optimal, but it’s also not oversimplified like programs that superficially seem more ‘polished’, and most importantly, it packed a tonne of options. But I concede that its original selling point is a lot less unique nowadays. Still, it’s highly capable and free, hence why many people continue using it despite the slightly complex UI and stall in development.

EAC Latest Version As Of 16.02.2014

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Well, personally I can only really thank Andre Wiethoff by EAC. Endpoint.
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