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Each encoder must be copied inside the folder \encoders.


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Extension fixed on one entry (CAF/refalac was .m4a not .caf).


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Added verification for FLAC (-V), TAK (-md5), WavPack (-v) but I'm not sure foobar2000 will alert for errors with the CLI verification or its own, I'm not even sure foobar2000 has its own verification. The error, if a file is corrupted, will probably be shown in the foobar2000 console. Sorry I don't have any corrupted file to test, I will try to create and test some later.


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Missed the -v on TAK (-v -md5). I thought the switch -md5 verified the file as well but it only adds the checksum, -v is the one for the verification (like every other CLI?).


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lossyWAV (FLAC, TAK, WMALSL, WV) added. lossywav.exe must be on D:\foobar2000\encoders (my settings) to work or edit the converter settings as you like.


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- Renamed WMA lsl to WMA LSL when creating a folder
- Added WMA Voice

PM me for info of what's included in the \encoders folder. I can't share it on the forum because of proprietary DLLs included (Apple, Fraunhofer etc.)


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Small readd for testing, VBR 96 with 0 delay: "[Lossy] AAC-LC (Apple/qaac) -v96 --num-priming 0 --tag too: (DSP stereo) (0 delay) (~96 kbps) (2.0 Video) (~YTS)"


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Renamed files and  settings:

oggenc2lv.exe for: "Ogg Vorbis (OggEnc v2.87 (libVorbis 1.3.4))"

oggenc2ao.exe for: "Ogg Vorbis (OggEnc v2.87 (LancerMod(SSE3) based on aoTuV b6.03 [20110424]))"

oggenc2.exe (OggEnc v2.87 (libVorbis 1.3.4)) taken from TAudioConverter 0.9.5 beta.


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Removed obsolete codecs ("[Lossless] Shorten", "[Lossy] Speex") and rename few other things.

PM for full pack of "encoders" folder.


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Renamed "[Lossless]" to "[Lossless Uncompressed]" and "[Lossless Compressed]"

Added "[Lossless Compressed] FLAC -5 -V (.flac + .cue)"

Added some Opus information on "Encoders settings (quality and kbps).txt" (in the \encoders folder)

This probably is the last modification (??), I will keep updating the \encoders folder and that's it. The file was intended for friends and relatives, sorry for the many changes.

Again, PM for the \encoders folder.


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This probably is the last modification (??)
Yep, that was a lie.

Added FFmpeg for ALAC and AC3

Renamed few other settings


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-Added FLAC (FFmpeg)
-Removed verification switch for all FLACs (-V), TAK (-v), WavPack (-v). foobar2000 checks for errors anyway while converting.

This should be it, there are way more than enough settings ready to use.


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Removed CUETools settings and converter (it never worked)
Added ADTS settings
Added Flake.exe converter and settings (replaced from CUETools with own CLI)
Few other renaming


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- Removed "Transfer attached pictures" after converting, for each encoding setting. I don't use it, I keep the album art files separate from the file and after I convert I don't want to think about clearing it.
- Removed FFmpeg from encoding settings and encoder folder. Other encoders perform better, this was just a test that didn't last long.


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- Renamed "Ogg Vorbis (aoTuV Lancer SSE3)" to "Ogg Vorbis (aoTuV)". Since last time the normal aoTuV is used and now the new encoded from RareWares (Oggenc2.87 using aoTuVb6.03 2014 Generic).
- Also CLI replaced in the \encoders folder.

That's it, just a small typo left from last time.


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- Changed HE-AAC 5.1 from 160 to 192 (32 kbps / channel)
- Changed Opus 5.1 from 168 (28 kbps / channel) to 192 (32 kbps / channel)
- Changed Opus 7.1 from 224 (28 kbps / channel) to 256 (32 kbps / channel)
- Removed CVBR settings for Opus. Not necessary IMO.

Changed to 32 kbps /channel minimum because Opus achieves full stereo at 32 kbps. HE-AAC is only classified as "good" at 160 kbps for 5.1 so, changed to 192 kbps just to make it like Opus at 32 kbps / channel.


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Crazy stuff.

- Added "Ignore Length" when possible. Almost all of the settings. (Please let me know why this can be possibly bad. I'm not much of an expert, just playing around with settings)
- Added ADTS settings for Fraunhofer/fhgaacenc and Fraunhofer/fdkaac.


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Last version for real. It was a fun way to test codecs and settings but foobar2000 implemented almost everything everyone will need for converting so, I'm done wasting time and thanks Peter and Case for adding all these new settings.

This file has still almost all the codecs' settings available though, it may come handy to some users.

Enjoy and ask in PM for the full encoders pack version.



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Same version, only added Afterburner switch (-a 1) for FDK since Fraunhofer said we should always use it.


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added Afterburner switch (-a 1) for FDK since Fraunhofer said we should always use it.

It's enabled by default

Code: [Select]
 -a, --afterburner <n>         Afterburner
                              0: Off
                              1: On(default)


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Thanks for sharing this, eahm. Just a few things that I noted and thought I might share for your consideration.

Firstly, for LAME, you may like to use --quiet instead of -S as -S prints what's below, whereas --quiet prints nothing. I'm sure the difference in processing power is negligible though.

Console print out when using LAME's -S switch (command line used: lame test.wav -V2 -S test.mp3):
Code: [Select]
LAME 3.99.5 32bits (
CPU features: MMX (ASM used), SSE (ASM used), SSE2
Using polyphase lowpass filter, transition band: 18671 Hz - 19205 Hz
Encoding test.wav to test.mp3
Encoding as 44.1 kHz j-stereo MPEG-1 Layer III VBR(q=2)

Secondly, there are a few other encoders that you may like to use the quiet/silent switch on such as Opus, qaac, refalac, Nero AAC, fdkaac, OptimFROG, Flake, TAK, WMA, TwoLAME. Obviously not necessary, but I always feel the urge to use the quiet/silent switches in my options.

Thirdly, your parameters for True Audio (-e %s %d) don't work properly as the encoder outputs to a directory by default rather than a file name, meaning you end up with each file being named temp-*.tta with no metadata in its own separate folder. The -o switch is required to output to a file name. Below is the command line that you want.

True Audio command line options:
Code: [Select]
-e %s -o %d

Fourthly, the --xlevel switch in Musepack is used by default:
What does "--xlevel" do?
The XLevel-Switch is used to avoid internal clipping as well as possible. Starting from version 1.15s, "--xlevel" is no longer needed as it's used by default. Instead, there is a "--noxlevel" switch.

Fifthly, as you have OptimFROG, you may consider adding OptimFROG DualStream (ofs.exe).

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