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Output device/driver constantly dropped
Hello everyone!
I just registered and am looking foward to getting some help and sharing what I know.

First off-Is there no search available for forums? I know very well to search for an answer before posting a question, but
I don't see a search box anywhere.

My Problem: For no apparent reason and no changes in hardware or software my Foobar now constantly drops
the output device/driver. Afterr that it's hit and miss selecting other outputs which sometime work and sometimes not - reporting
an error "unrecognizable" something.

Null Output always works in that the music plays but obviously no output. The devices I have are Primary Driver and Speakers, of which MYDAC would be my choice.
I have also installed WASAPI which shows the MyDac under event and push.

But I never know which one will work or just return the error message. Very odd.

All I want is to have it output a digital stream to mty Micromega MyDac, at the highest possible resolution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

PS-Is it possible to try and eliminate one possible conflct - ie The sound card? I would haven no problem disabling or removing the card if it's
not built into the MB.

Running on XP.

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