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  • fishmanj98
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Foobar hangs when deleting large libraries

I have a computer with over 50,000 flac and 10,000 mp3 files. I recently did ans OS wipe and rebuild on this box and had to rename it.  So the old links in my foobar library are no longer valid

When I go to Preferences/Media Library and delete these large folders from the library list, foobar takes forever to delete each library (about an hour)

I can set this delete off at night but I wondered if there was an easier way to delete these libraries by modifying the foobar configuration file or something to that nature



  • BenB
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Foobar hangs when deleting large libraries
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Shift-click on File, then select Browse configuration folder. Exit foobar.

Now delete the database.dat file located in the configuration folder, then exit the configuration folder.

Start foobar, open the Media Library preferences and remove the monitored folders.

It's the least tedious and least time-consuming way I've found, and it shouldn't hang (at least mine doesn't).
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