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network player + DAB+-Radio with OGG-Codec
I am looking for a typical small kitchen radio and I do not find what I am looking for...
It is supposed to have:

- DAB+ Radio
- upnp networkplayer
- support OGG-Vorbis adiofiles

Anybody a clue?

Thanx a lot

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network player + DAB+-Radio with OGG-Codec
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Just if anyone is interested:
It seems that a networtk player with DAB+Radio which supports OGG-Vorbis does not exist.
Apparently there ist only one producer of chips for networkplayer which has DAB+ implemented and all different kinds of player use this chip; and this chip does not support OGG... ;-(

Anyway, I am satisfied with simple internetradio for now and I do not neet any DAB+ of FM any more.
I found this networkplayer which I am really happy with and AVOX supports the OGG-Format.

In case I want to have DAB+ or FM in the future I can always stock it up with one of those external DAB+ receivers. eg.: