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Ogg Vorbis codec problem (thanks to Fruity Loops)
Ok. So I've downloaded Fruity Loops, just to play and try some beats etc, but I had problems using the NATIVE packs os samples... it was saying that I didn't have the right filter to load the files (I forgot the error message and for some reason now it's not appearing again, sorry). Then, I discovered it probably had to do with the codecs needed to reproduce the sample files, that we're write in WAV.
Ok, I researched a little bit, and discovered GSpot, which is a program that reads the audio file and points the codec needed, which I discovered that was 0x674f, Ogg Vorbis.
I've trying to install this codec in several forms... several installers and different filters, but none of them was able to work. GSpot still says that I don't have the codec installed.

Please help me, I'm desperate!
Thank guys (:

(Funny thing is: I tried to manually registrate the AX file (the file of the codec itself, so as I think), but wasn't able to find any...)
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Ogg Vorbis codec problem (thanks to Fruity Loops)
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