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Audio player

  • 1by1 MP3 Player
    0 (0%)
  • Blaze Media Pro
    0 (0%)
  • CoolPlayer
    2 (1.2%)
  • Foobar2000
    114 (68.3%)
  • Media Jukebox
    2 (1.2%)
  • Sonique
    1 (0.6%)
  • WinAmp v2.xx
    32 (19.2%)
  • WinAmp3 v3.0
    1 (0.6%)
  • Zinf Audio Player
    0 (0%)
  • Other
    15 (9%)

Total Members Voted: 217

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Audio player
Which audio player do you use? Explain why.

  • ssamadhi97
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Audio player
Reply #1

- fast
- flexible
- powerful
- many great plugins
- SDK IST G0D, a fucking breeze to work with


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  • Jebus
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Audio player
Reply #2
Am I the only one here who uses Windows Media Player??

I like it - it's integrated and has a nice shiney cataloging system.
I like Foobar as well, but I use MP3s exclusively so I don't need the added codecs.

..and NO, I don't do my ripping with WMP. THAT would be irrational.

  • Valefor
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Audio player
Reply #3
- Plain, simple, fast and fine.

  • upNorth
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Audio player
Reply #4
Foobar2000 for pretty much the same reasons as ssamadhi97. Except that I have not used the SDK yet, but I hope to have a go at that too sometime.
One thing I really love about foobar2000, is the ability to customize the playlist display and such. Still working on the perfect formatting for my taste and needs. This in combination with Replaygain makes it my choice.
For a long time I thought I would never replace Winamp 2.xx, especially after the disappointing Winamp 3. But some months back I proved myself wrong.
Foobar2000 just works well for everything I expect it to, and even more.
I guess there are plugins for Winamp that can do alot of the same as foobar does, but they seem to get lost among all the plugins I find useless.

  • Thikasabrik
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Audio player
Reply #5
-well suported
-in active development
-reasurringly high internal resolution 


Winamp 2-
-midi playback 

So. To conlcude, foobar needs an animal.

At this early stage I will put forward the marmoset.

Audio player
Reply #6
I've tried many different players and like aspects of most of them but I seem to find myself coming back to Winamp 2 (Lite version) every time. I must admit that I like the variety of skins available (even if this doesn't have to do with sound quality) and the general ease of use and familiarity after using it so long.

And yeah, gotta love those llamas.
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  • menno
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Audio player
Reply #7
NeroMIX is not on the list!


Audio player
Reply #8

- I like the GUI

ROTFL too!
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  • smok3
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Audio player
Reply #9

- I like the guy.

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  • sv3n
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Audio player
Reply #10
I tried foobar2k for a while because I heard it was more efficient and powerful than Winamp. But I did some tests, and with the most common formats I use (mp3, mpc), while minimized to the taskbar, Winamp2.91 used 3/4 of the memory foobar.667 did. As an exception, foo's ogg playback used considerably less memory than Winamp's, but I don't have many oggs anyway. Another point: foobar would occasionally jump the cpu usage up to 8 or 18% while decoding mpc and mp3. For winamp, it never goes >1%.

I didn't change any of the settings in foobar, left them exactly how they came. If you can think of something that would affect the above results, I would love to hear it.

Also, I like Winamp's media library plugin, and the fact that I can play video without resorting to a separate program. Moreover, if I need a plugin to do something specific, I can be almost certain that I will find one for Winamp.  For instance, I have a 'Now Playing' plugin that works as a mini http server, and I run it all the time without a noticeable increase in memory usage. Personally, the skins don't really come into the issue, although it is an added bonus that they are so readily available.


  • Delirium
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Audio player
Reply #11
Yet another poll that leaves off XMMS, the most popular UNIX audio player.
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  • eugi
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Audio player
Reply #12
QCD with Shibatch mpg plugin

Audio player
Reply #13
nothing else needed

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Audio player
Reply #14
-simple, but powerful
-uses excellent titleformatting tagz library

and reasons that other mentioned

  • manni
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Audio player
Reply #15
  • Good UI
  • Format support (MPC etc)
  • Fast and stable
  • Mass tagger & file renamer

  • Ogig
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Audio player
Reply #16
XMMS (rock stable, many plug-ins), if I have to use my Windows box I use Foobar 2k (no bloat, small and fast, all plug-ins I need except AC3)
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  • ssamadhi97
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Audio player
Reply #17
  • Mass tagger & file renamer

Shame on me, of course I forgot to mention that, despite using it all the time!
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Audio player
Reply #18
XMMS, because it's (at the moment) the best audio player for linux... it's stable und supports all formats i need

  • rc55
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Audio player
Reply #19
Sound Recorder!

Ruairi - nothing going on

  • c90
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Audio player
Reply #20
foobar 2000

-customised playlists
-native mpc support
-plugins etc.
-as bloated as you want it to be !
-notepad-like GUI

and so on and so forth 
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  • Nyanko
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Audio player
Reply #21
SoundPlayer Lilith


There is only the Japanese version.
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Audio player
Reply #22
I have tried or used MusicMatch 5/6, Realplayer 7, something with a bright big bulky interface whose name I forget now, The Xing player, Zinf audio player (the old name and new name version) ,several others on my crash box,  WA 2.77 & WA3, but now I use Foobar for everything.
For the rare times I am in linux I use XMMS, but I am bit thickheaded in that environment and still need to figure how to get the APE support working there so I can listen to 75% of my music collection.
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Audio player
Reply #23
Sorry for not including some audio players in this poll; there couldn't be more than ten different choices.

I originally wanted to include in this poll:
1by1 MP3 Player v1.36 
Apollo MP3 Player v37ud
Blaze Media Pro v4.10c
CoolPlayer v214
Foobar 2000 v0.667
Media Jukebox v8.0.398
Quintessential Player v Build 51 (dev)
Realaudio-to-Wav Recorder
Sonique v1.96
Sonique v2.0
WinAmp v2.xx
Winamp3 v3.0
Zinf Audio Player 2.2.1 (FreeAmp)
Axialis AX-CDPlayer
RealONE Player
Digital Amp MP3
Pam 2.90
RealPlayer 8 Basic
Sonic Burner 1.0
Blue Labelle Jukebox 2.0
K-jöfol 2000

Still, some audio players would still be missing...
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  • kode54
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Audio player
Reply #24

-Flexible title formatting
-Integrated ReplayGain
-The programmer's API rocks your mom