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YAMAHA PianoCraft MCR-755 -HDMI input?
I read that the hifi pianocraft mcr 755 has a hdmi slot in itself.
Nowhere on the internet i could find if its an hdmi input or an hdmi output,
so if someone can answer me that i would apreciate it.
if its an hdmi input, can someone tell me than is it possible to connect my laptop
via hdmi cable on a digital way with this hifi and listen to music from laptop on that hifi?
if its possible is this a digital or an analogue connection way?
does the hdmi connection  stand just for video connection or is it for audio connection too?
thanks in advance for answers.
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YAMAHA PianoCraft MCR-755 -HDMI input?
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my fault
i just found now on the internet that all yamaha hifi all in one systems have just hdmi output