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Packeting in case of Variable Bit Rate Encoding
i have live streaming audio which i am encoding using a low bit rate codec,actually this question is based on packetization of the encoded data which is a after math of processing and pre process while giving it to a wireless device

Going Deep in to the discussion:

>Essentially while using VBR silence is encoded at 2Kbps and voice is encoded at 4Kbps

> my frame size 20ms

> if encoded at 4Kbps i need 10bytes 

>if encoded at 2Kbps i need 5bytes for encoded data

>My payload size is 80bytes fixed

so now in order to fill the 80bytes payload i have to wait for complete 320ms if it is the case of silence

if its voice i have to wait for 160ms of data from microphone to fill the payload

my big question is `"is this is how Variable bitrate implemented in real time"`

how a VBR packetization is actually done

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Packeting in case of Variable Bit Rate Encoding
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Your problem seems to be that you're trying to use a fixed payload size?

If you don't constrain your VBR to have a set minimal bitrate and combine that with the inflexible payload size, your latency will indeed balloon.

I'm not sure what exact question your asking, but your problem follows directly from the conditions you set. You need to fix either of those conditions.
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