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ID3 Tagging System

First at all, I hope this is the right section to post it in.
I am currently planning on re-tagging my MP3 collection. So I am trying to figure out what Tags I should use. My idea so far:
Use the default tags that are used in foobar2000 too, whereas some files don't get tags like Disc Number when they don't have more than one disc. I put those into brackets ().

- Artist Name
- Track Title
- Album Title
- Date
- Genre
- (Album Artist)
- Track Number [on Disc]
- Total Tracks [on Disc]
- (Disc Number)
- (Total Discs)
- (Comment)

Additionally, use some other tags I found to be useful:

- Release Type:[blockquote]Original
Best of / catalog
Remix / alternate take
Split album
Private Compilation[/blockquote]- (Publisher)
- Recording Type:[blockquote]Studio
Studio with Live
Live with Studio[/blockquote]- (Original date)
- (Edition):[blockquote]Special
My question now is: Do you use any other "extended" tags that you find mandatory for your files and you would like to recommend? Or do you see any problems with my tagging intention?


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ID3 Tagging System
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Recently I started adding in this custom field:

Which is for adding a link to the artist/recording label YouTube, etc., page that has videos/music videos.

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ID3 Tagging System
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the only non standard tags i add are RELEASETYPE and MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID

RELEASETYPE is basically the "standard" that musicbrainz uses. it can be a multivalued tag where the primary value is typically Album, Single or EP. secondary types can be things like Live, Remix, Soundtrack, Compilation etc

i use MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID because i have a few scripts in my foobar layout that displays all releases and relationship URLs for the current artist. using the ID, you avoid ambiguity between artists sharing the same name.
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ID3 Tagging System
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Musicbrainz' ArtistID seems to be interesting, I think I will start using that. But can you please explain to me, how to use primary and secondary values for one tag (for release type)?
So far I'm seperating multiple artists with a comma in the "Album Artist" field, but that is not what you mean, right?
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ID3 Tagging System
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it is just a multi value tag. you separate them with a semi-colon when editing in the properties dialog.

but when displayed, it's separated by a comma...

or you can customise it to use something else using the $meta_sep function.

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ID3 Tagging System
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Oh, okay. Thanks for that too.

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ID3 Tagging System
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Ok, now I got a problem with that. Sorry that this about foobar2000 now, not about MP3.
The "Use ; character to separate multiple values" is greyed out. It only seems to be enabled at a few tag fields (artist, album artist).

Thats why it probably looks like this in album list, even with $meta(RELEASE TYPE,0):

Edit: Nevermind, I found the solution after quite some Googling. For everyone else looking for the option to declare you own multi-value fields, look under Preferences -> Advanced -> Display -> Properties dialog.
Quite hidden...
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