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  • poochi
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Can Flac be present in Mp4 container ?
If yes how do i get one ?
If No why not ?

Thanks a lot

  • SigHunter
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so, apparently this is possible with "private streams".
but i don't think you'd want to do that. what would be the benefit to a normal flac file?
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  • skamp
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You can use Apple Lossless (ALAC). How to "get" those? Rip your audio CDs and encode to ALAC.
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  • probedb
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To the OP, is this purely for audio reasons or for an MP4 video? If video you're better using mkv as it supports far more audio formats I think. Default audio in MP4 has to be AAC I believe. Certainly, players like Quicktime won't do audio with MP4 that isn't AAC that I've noticed.

  • saratoga
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Putting unusual formats into containers they aren't typically used with is usually a bad idea even if it can be done.