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packMP3 now open source!

I made a few observations of the tool in the second post of that thread.

It shrinks mp3 data losslessly and not much more. the tags and other data seems to be packed using some basic algorithm.

mp3packer also seems to hurt compression if applied to 320kbps CBR files. This could be different for different encoders(I only tested LAME) so more testing is needed.

On that last point, the author also created packJPG and the same pattern exists there. Processing a JPEG file with jpegtran -optimize or -progressive results in a bigger compressed size.

Anyway, interesting tool to play with.

packMP3 now open source!

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Good lets hope this allows further development

packMP3 now open source!

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packMP3 is for a different porpose than mp3packer.

The file compressed by mp3packer is playable, but the file compressed with packmp3 is not playable.

Playable. foobar2000, Command-Line Decoder Wrapper, "packMP3 - < %s > %d"
packMP3 compresses a MP3 file the same way an archiver like 7zip does, only the algorithm used by the program is different.

packMP3 stores only one file per archive.

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