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Unicode working?
Yesterday I installed Foobar and imported my music library.

Sadly files with some Brazilian characters in their name were skipped without a warning. Examples:
06 - Duas horas da manhã.flac
18 - Manhã de carnaval.flac
etc. Accented characters work fine, but ã does not.

Is there special processing for the ã?

Otherwise it's fantastic software.

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Unicode working?
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The names being what they are is not the problem. I'd suspect the files are either corrupted or they are in some other format than their extension suggests. You could verify the files with flac.exe command line tool or use this frontend to simplify the task. If they are really FLACs and verify ok, a sample would be needed to fix things.

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Unicode working?
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Actually, the files were OK. I have the whole album:
30/08/2013  23:03        4,753,239 01 - Prólogo.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        22,965,202 02 - A Paz.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        5,893,519 03 - Folhas secas.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        18,748,941 04 - Retrospecto.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        6,834,163 05 - Corcovado.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        10,480,401 06 - Duas horas da manha.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        23,094,324 07 - Uma valsa em forma de árvore.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        33,458,897 08 - Joanna Francesa.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        13,115,387 09 - Chorando mas se divertindo.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        25,745,936 10 - Loro.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        20,936,488 11 - Ponta de areia.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        4,483,417 12 - Paulicéia.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        20,331,747 13 - Desafinado.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        7,714,745 14 - De frente pro crime.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        18,326,686 15 - Luz do sol.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        5,472,363 16 - Tico-tico no fubá.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        12,636,483 17 - San Vicente.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        10,615,981 18 - Manha de carnaval.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        23,887,266 19 - Pirao de leite.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        2,160,193 20 - Noturno.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        17,330,000 21 - Passaredo.flac
30/08/2013  23:03        2,534,759 22 - Epílogo.flac

There is something funny about the ã. In DOS (DIR command) I get the above, but in explorer it's this:
06 - Duas horas da manhã.flac

This album had another problem: It only had tags for the track, not for the artist and not for the title. After adding those tags, the album now imports completely, albeit, with the DOS file names.

So maybe the original tags were bad. I've overwritten them now. I will dig out the original track from a backup on Sunday.
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Unicode working?
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If tags cause foobar to reject the file it would be great to get a sample. Such a thing should not happen. About the display difference in command prompt vs explorer, the command prompt by default uses bitmap fonts with very limited character set. It does its best to display as much information as possible and replaces special characters with close equivalents. If you switch it to use true type fonts you will be able to see more characters there.

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Unicode working?
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Thank your for your answer.

I went back to the backup and looked at the problem again.

Out of the 22 tracks described in the previous post, 3 had complete tags, the other 19 had incomplete tags. Strangely the three tracks with complete tags were the files having the ã in their file name. I'm sorry for the mess, I didn't process this data initially.

Therefore the album was split in half in the album tree, 19 tracks went one way, 3 tracks somewhere else. I didn't spot the correctly tagged tracks, I just noticed that they were missing from the set of the other 19. After fixing all the tags, it all got grouped together.

So I am really sorry about this false alarm. Foobar has picked up everything perfectly based on the tags.

So once again, thank you for the support.

I am very happy with Foobar, I think, as I said, it's excellent software. I left a positive comment here:
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Unicode working?
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Thanks for the update and the compliments. Let us know if you want the thread closed accordingly.

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Unicode working?
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I am not sure what you mean by "close the thread". I guess a "closed thread" will not allow new posts.
My problem is solved, in fact, there never was a problem with Foobar, so by all means, take the action you deem fit ;-)

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Unicode working?
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Few days ago i upgraded to the latest Foobar Beta version, i think after a pc reboot the unicodes stopped working in the ★ rating column and ► playcount column.. (titles and such are fine)
I went back to foobar v1.3 but it didn't change:

[image removed]

in the script section it shows fine but not in the left column and options tab:

[image removed]

Does anyone know what went wrong here? and how to fix ?



OK, i found my answer in this thread:

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