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Compaq PA-2 does MMC but...
Hey all

Newbie here - but just pretend I didn't say that...

Got a Compaq PA-2 here in the UK, and the manual says AAC!

Supplied software (Musicmatch Jukebox) doesn't support AAC, and I know Media Player never will - problem is - I can't find ANY way to download AAC files to my device.

The MMC card has to be in the player (so can't use a card reader) and no software supports AAC! (have tried...)

- Media Player
- Rioport (v3?)
- RealOne
- Musicmatch

Does anyone know of a way to download files to this device (assume that it's the same as the PA-1) or has anyone actually verified that this device does AAC?

Let me know if you want any more info on the little thing - I've become quite attached (except WMA is the only acceptable format at the moment, at my desired bitrate....)

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Compaq PA-2 does MMC but...
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I believe Liquid Audio supports it.

Compaq PA-2 does MMC but...
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Liquid Audio doesn't work...

If anyone is thinking of trying it - don't - really flaky application, takes an AGE to load and although the quality is good - stupid rights protection gets in the way...