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Topic: anyone using Ipad/Jump to control foobar? (Read 773 times) previous topic - next topic

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anyone using Ipad/Jump to control foobar?
I have a Musica Pristina music server that uses Windows8 and foobar2000 as the file control interface. I have been accessing the server to rip and play music with a windows wireless laptop using remote desktop and the servers IP address. That all works fine, but I bought an IPad Mini and installed Jump so that I could have a more mobile controller. I am also having Jump access the server via the IP address (not Google), and that works fine also, but for one small issue, actually it is a big issue. Keep in mind that the Ipad will be dedicated to being a controller, nothing else.

Foobar users will know that in the file-preferences-playback-output menu, you have to pick an output device. Once my NAD amp is powered up, foobar normally sees it and offers it as a selection, in my case it is "WASAPI (event)-speakers (2-NAD USB Audio)" That happens when I am using the laptop and Remote Desktop to see the server, but it does NOT offer that output option when using the IPAD with Jump to access the server. If I immediately take control from the IPad and enter the server with the Laptop, everything is normal and the output option for my NAD is visible, grab control back with the IPad/jump, and the option disappears. Needless to say, without that output option, I cannot make the server/foobar play music with the IPad, only with the laptop. I can, however, do everything else, including ripping CD's.

I was hoping someone else may have had this issue and figured out a resolution.