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Migrating playcounts, date added etc from Itunes
I know its an old subject. Ive found extensive posts on it on this and other forums.

Im trying to import the XML data from Itunes with the play counts, ratings, and date added, last played, etc.

I have found many methods of doing this and they seem not to work or I am not enough of a nerd to know how the hell to do it, as most of the instructions seem to be aimed towards big time nerds that know exactly what to do with the stuff.

I found some sort of Python data parser that I have not the slightest idea how to use and the instruction expected some basic knowledge. "edit it so it knows where the xml and foobar are at" ..... uhm I dunno how to do that! let alone how to paste this script into the python command prompt.

I found some things about how to convert the xml file to excel, then what exactly? got as far as implanting a line of code in the xml with the notepad editor- that line alone took my poor old computer over half an hour to insert. it seems the file was unmanageably huge. Excel didnt recognize the format, tried to do something but was just sitting there cooking. Along with the line to implant, was a chunk of code to "put in the folder with the xml" so, what, pasted in a txt file?

Im impressed as hell at Foobar and want it to work nicely in a bad way. but getting it set up is murdering me. Ive already been mucking with it for nearly 6 hours and trying all sorts of ways to get the stuff out of itunes and into Foobar with no luck.

If possible, actually describe the steps, where nerd knowledge becomes required... and where not-quite nerd-enough guys fail miserably.

thanks a lot guys.