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Taging single flac, ape with CUE-sheet
I decided to organize my music collection, but have difficulty with single flac/ape files with CUE-sheet. I do not have problem with mp3's, but with archived CD images. I want to keep them as images on my PC, but when I need to transfer the music for listening on my portable mp3 player, usually I convert them to mp3. For converting I use foobar2000. I am not that experienced with it, but it works fine for conversion. To do that without additional tagging of my converted mp3 files I want to tag my original flac/cue and put album art. How can I do that? Should I embed album art into flac/ape files? I can do that. But what about .cue file? Some of my cue files are not tagged (contain track1, track2 ...) and I need to put real track names. Any software can do that? Besides I have some music in foreign languages and I believe cue can contain anything, but ASCII. Should/can I embed the cue into flac/ape? what software can I use for that?


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Taging single flac, ape with CUE-sheet
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I expect everyone has their own preference. In my case I use a single FLAC per CD with embedded cuesheet. Seperately, I have a copy of the cuesheet along with album cover. The only metadata within the FLAC is the cuesheet itself. You can use the metaflac.exe executable with the --set-tag-from-file="cuesheet=filename" option to add (there is a similar export to filename as well). You can also add album art to your FLAC (different option). Foobar will split for want of a better word each track within the CD image based on the cuesheet. If you embed the alburm art I'm sure Foobar will then also add the album art to the converted file if that's your preference.

As a start I suggest you stick with Foobar. I recommend you take a backup of your cuesheet for safe keeping and open the cuesheet from Foobar. You can then correct data such as track titles etc. Modifications will then be saved to the cueseheet whereby you can use metaflac.exe to import to your FLAC.

Where required, I do my cuesheet edits in a text editor (generally this is really only ever capitilization, spelling etc) if I've missed something during the rip. There may be tag application(s) that can work with cuesheet to speed up the process if you have a lot that need work. Sorry can't recommend any; others might be able to.