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Communication, No encoding IP to IP
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You could use  do something like pipe the audio output to netcat sending to an IP & port no.

It certainly works but IMO is not optimal in terms of latency. Piping introduces quite large latencies. Plus the alsa-oss emulation (the case for vast majority of linux distributions) goes through another layer of alsa-lib which most likely allocates its own buffer too.

Unfortunately in the long run it will produce over/underruns as two independent clock domains are involved.

In the unix world I would use jackd + netjack, a tool designed for the purpose of zero/low latency audio communication.

Yeah thought so awell, thought i had my hopes.

And well, i use Windows, and am not familiar with other OS, maybe Linux a little bit.

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Communication, No encoding IP to IP
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Well if anyone want to know what happened about this.

As i said in an earlier post, i started programming my own application for it.
And it´s going pretty well, it does pretty much what i want, even though it´s unoptimized like mad.

But in short, i uses ASIO output if possible (fun thing is that it allows me to play the chat software with ASIO, while i am able to play other stuff at the same time, but i can´t change the volume of the ASIO output as expected).
It sends with UDP (It´s smallest, fastest, but unreliable, but it does the job).

And i use extremely low buffer on the input, which seems to work pretty well, with some small hickups at times. Using 4ms if anyone want´s to know.

The buffer for the UDP however is a total mess, as i have no clue how it even works, but it´s probably as low as it can go with the current code, which seems to be (4000byte per udp packet?).