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[TOS #5] From: Converting FLAC to MP3?
php111, I think you can keep going here, I am sure a moderator will cut the discussion and move it where it belongs.

If you are really interested in converting FLAC to AAC I still would suggest you foobar2000 configured with one of the options available:

qtaacenc (it uses Apple's AAC "engine", QuickTime must be installed)

qaac (it uses Apple's AAC "engine", it's based on qtaacenc but has many more options. it can run as "portable", no need to install anything from Apple. No HE v2 available)

Nero (Apple has been proven to be better at lower bitrates, I don't see why anyone should still use this)

fhgaacenc (CLI that uses Fraunhofer's official AAC encoder, same quality level of Apple's. It ca run as portable as well and HE v2 available if you need it)

fdk aac (1 and 2) (open source Fraunhofer's SDK AAC library for Android. You will have to ABX this one, I personally don't think it's at the same level of the official encoder. HE v2 available)

qaac is what I use. Remember you can go much lower than MP3 with AAC. I suggest you to start ABXing from ~128 kbps up. I like it even at ~96 kbps.
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