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atrac3plus encoder?
As a blast from the past, I found my old MiniDisc player the other day. Now, this kinda reminded me of the Atrac codec from the olden days.

I checked what FFmpeg can do with Atrac, and the only thing it can do, is decode.

I was wondering, is there an Atrac3plus encoder around? I'd like to play around a bit, but it seems there's no encoder. Especially not for Linux. I'm not planning to do any tests or comparisons, it's just for fun etc.

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atrac3plus encoder?
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From the Multimedia Wiki:
There is very limited number of software products supporting encoding/decoding of the ATRAC3plus streams; most of them are unfortunately available for Microsoft Windows only. Those are:

    Sony's own SonicStage software (Windows only)
    ATRAC Codec Plugin for Sony Media Software (Windows only)
    Sonic Studio's expensive N-code plugin for professionals (available for Windows and Mac OS X)

ATRAC3 streams can be created with Helix Producer by encoding to RealAudio 8, but they are XOR scrambled and probably only can be put in RM containers by Helix Producer. I am not 100% sure.

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atrac3plus encoder?
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He's not talking about ATRAC3 (LP2 & LP4 Modes), but ATRAC1 (SP & MONO Modes). Using an Sony MZ-RH1 and QHiMDTransfer, you are able to upload the ATRAC1-raw-data (capsuled as aea-files). These files can be decoded with ffmpeg in 32-Bit float. VLC media player for example will also play aea-files natively, also Audacity will when compiled with ffmpeg (depends on your Linux distribution, when using Windows you have to install ffmpeg specially built for Audacity).

Useful Links to this subject:
QHiMDTransfer - Official project website
Audacity FAQ for ffmpeg usage

//edit: Sorry, I should have read the first post more accurately. ATRAC3plus still can't be decoded using Linux (ffmpeg), only ATRAC3 in various containers (rm - Real Media Audio 8, acm - WAV Container, oma - SonicStage OpenMG file, aa3 - SoundForge export-file), though ffmpeg under Windows will decode it in 32-Bit float (SoundForge Audio Studio 9 does only in 16-Bit)... maybe I should check for an update, soon (using debian testing with libavconv fork ).

Encoding on the other hand is still not possible without using an Hi-MD Recorder, Sony PlayStation 3 (CD-rip), or software like OpenMG/SonicStage, SoundForge (>=8.0) / SoundForge Audio Studio (9.0)
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atrac3plus encoder?
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^^^ There is actually an atrac3plus decoder in ffmpeg as of last fall but I've never tried it.

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atrac3plus encoder?
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Already tried it running under wine - works flawlessly. Playing ATRAC-files (ATRAC1 in aea, ATRAC3 in aa3 & ATRAC3plus in aa3 also oma) with the Command-Line Decoder Wrapper works great in foobar2000 (again running under wine) tested with libavcodec 55. 52.102. Also just installed ffmpeg, libavcodec and vice versa from the repository. Still no ATRAC3plus decoder within libavcodec 54. 59.100 (I could swear that this has been implemented in version 53.* already)