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conflicting AFC file
As requested in this thread

Sorry for the delay.

As mentioned, the file will load and play or either fail to load or play (if it was already in playlist from previous session) randomly across foobar restarts.

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conflicting AFC file
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By having a look, we were not being so literal, but knowing which soundtrack the file is from is sufficient for me, as I know where to get it.

EDIT: Scratch that, my source seems to be devoid of that content. If you could e-mail me that file, I would be most pleased.
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  • radorn
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conflicting AFC file
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mmm wtf... I did upload it, but it seems the attatchment is not here after all :S
it's actually from some promotional disc, I think, I copied it long ago and it's been sitting in my disk since.
original filename is just "title.afc"
trying to upload again, see if it works now.
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