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Corrupted Wavs Help Please?
Hi everyone.

I recorded these files for a youth ensemble I'm working with but some of them are corrupted. I've tried to open them in Audacity using the Raw Data options and have tried several different settings, 16, 24, 32, offset start, different Hz... All I'm getting is weird buzzing.

There were some other corrupted files which opened with the 24bit, 2 channel, offset 10, 44100 hz setting, but these three don't for some reason.

The settings on the zoom were exactly the same for all the recordings, so I don't know why these aren't opening.

I wonder if any of you guys might have better luck than me? I don't really know what I'm doing and I'd be so grateful and happy if someone could spare a few minutes to help me.

Many Thanks

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Corrupted Wavs Help Please?
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Half of that file is blank, the other half is slowly increasing values.  I don't think any actual audio was ever in that file.