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Topic: [TOS #2,#7] From: free audio editors vs. professional ones (Read 981 times) previous topic - next topic

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[TOS #2,#7] From: free audio editors vs. professional ones
Completely off-topic question about video compression split to the correct subforum.
Now, with your post gracing the penultimate spot on this thread, it's really, really off topic.

The thread looks real cool now.

Nice work, Mr. Super Moderator Man.

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[TOS #2,#7] From: free audio editors vs. professional ones
Reply #1
Heh, really?

A more appropriate response would be gratitude for me leaving a link in the original thread. I don’t have to help your posts get views, you know.

But more basically, you ought to be glad that I didn’t delete your off-topic post outright, since you obviously paid no attention to the rules to which you agreed during registration. Well, as well as #5 of the Terms of Service, now you have another two numbers to review. Another member of staff binned this for violating #2, and I added the citation of #7.

And once again, someone who can’t or won’t follow the rules attempts to deflect valid criticism, by painting a moderator as the bad guy for applying the rules upon which their job is predicated. Do any readers with sense ever find this line of reasoning convincing, rather than just embarrassing?

To be clear: Not only does #7 of the Terms of Service proscribe public displays like yours, but also, staff don’t need your approval to moderate. Your ability to post here is a privilege, not a right. A corollary of these rules is that you should keep your silly tantrums to yourself, especially when they’re as illogical as this one.
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