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Topic: embed live captions/transcription as part of mp3 file? (Read 2599 times) previous topic - next topic

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embed live captions/transcription as part of mp3 file?
Play an audio file and see the text that goes with displayed as the audio is played in real-time.

The text captions/transcript would be prepared in advance of course. I'm curious how I could merge this information to play alright in any mp3 player that doesn't support this with extra perks if the player does support this feature (even a custom made player).

Am I right that I need to look more into ID3v2 as a starting point? Do I need to think about creating a separate file or keeping this separate (and if so is there a standard format to start from)? Is it possible to merge something like this into an mp3 file or is this dream just silly?

Thanks for taking a look!

After digging more, I'm finding patent information on this or a similar concept (really?):

That brings up the question: Should I even try...
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embed live captions/transcription as part of mp3 file?
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There is an ID3 tag named SYLT for "synchronized lyrics".  You need to find an MP3 player (or plug-in ) that supports it.

There is a lyric plug-in for foobar2000.  (I have not tried it.)

I believe MiniLyrics ($10 - $25 USD) can create the ID3 tags and it works with most software players.  It has an editor for adding text/lyrics and time stamps, or you can create an LRC file with Notepad, and then MiniLyrics can take the information from the LRC file and add the time-stamped text to your MP3 file.

I use MiniLyrics with Winamp, but I have separate LRC files, instead of embedded lyrics.    MiniLyrics works with most media player software.  (I paid for MiniLyrics because they have a database with lyrics for about half my song library.  Since you apparently don't want the lyrics database, you can probably find a free solution.)
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