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LameDropXPd Album Covers from FLAC
Hello, I'm new here and this is my first post.

I've been recently using the information on this website to backup all my Music CDs. So far, the Information I've found here has been very helpful. I'm converting to FLAC for long-term storage and then to MP3, targeting the portable devices I own. The Tools I'm using is Exact Audio Copy for the FLAC files, and LameDropXPd for the MP3 files.

I just have one problem. And since I can't seem to find an official place to provide feedback on LameDropXPd. I'm trying on these forums, hoping it reaches the right eyes.

When I convert from FLAC to MP3 using LameDropXPd. It doesn't seem to copy over the album cover. At least a few of the players I've tested don't show the covers (WinAmp, Nexus 4's "Play Music", Windows Media Player). However, they do show up when I look at the Media Information (Ctrl+I) on VideoLAN's VLC.

My guess is it's using a non-standard tag (or non-typical) that most players don't expect and thus don't detect the album cover, and that only VLC (which supports a lot more file formats) could detect it. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong

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LameDropXPd Album Covers from FLAC
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LamedropXPd does not copy the FLAC Album Art tag, so any Album Art you are seeing in Media Player or VLC is being downloaded by the player.

I may look at copying the Album Art tag when I have the time (and the inclination!  ), but no promises.
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LameDropXPd Album Covers from FLAC
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foobar2000 recently gained the ability to transfer embedded artwork while converting.

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LameDropXPd Album Covers from FLAC
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Since we are already at the point of "feature request". Is there a place where all these feature requests are listed and organized?

I think one feature that could probably cover a few things at the same time would be to be able to pass additional parameters thru the command line or a config textbox. In particular, I was interested on the -Y switch.


Found this, but it's almost 10 years old:
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