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Request Suggestions: DAT transfers to PC via S/PDIF & USB
I've got some DAT tapes which I'd like to transfer to my PC. I've got old gear - Sony TCD-D7 DAT player/recorder which I connect to a Sony RM-D3K. The D3K has coaxial/optical S/PDIF input & output for transfer to another device, like a PCIe card with a S/PDIF input. My old PC card doesn't have Windows 7 drivers so I need to get a new device to do the transfers.

I've seen some external devices on the web which have 48kHz S/PDIF inputs which I could connect my DAT player to and USB for input to the PC. I'd be capturing the data with Cool Edit 2000 (I know it's old but it worked great) or maybe Audacity. Are there any issues I need to be aware before I get started? I've never used USB to capture data played back from a DAT player.

Your comments will be appreciated.