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FFMPEG Command Line
I am trying to write a batch file to normalize the audio portion of some AVI files. I'm more or less finished, but am have a little difficulty with a couple of the specifics.

I am using this command line to create a temporary audio file:

ffmpeg -i filename.avi -vn -acodec copy -y tempaudio.mp3

I am looking to have the file have a specific Bitrate (128 Kbps) and Sample Rate (48000 Hz). What adjustments would I have to make to the above to achieve this? 

Thanks in advance,

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FFMPEG Command Line
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You need to reencode the audio stream. Try:
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ffmpeg -i filename.avi -vn -sn -acodec libmp3lame -ab 128k -ar 48k -y tempaudio.mp3
It's only audiophile if it's inconvenient.

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FFMPEG Command Line
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That did it. Thanks.