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newbie tagging flac f
Hello all,

I have a flac player with various songs on it.I noticed not all the flac files  have info.These files play with artist:-- track:--  in the screen.
I want those files have the info so i can see what is playing.
I tried several programs as foobar200, tagscan,winamp,MP#-editor etc to get the info into the file.Still no result, i have no clue what i am doing wrong.
Can anyone show me step by step how to get the data into the file or point out where there is some kind of tagging for dummies? (It is supposed to be easy,according to many forums and sites)

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newbie tagging flac f
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It might not be that your player supports this, even though it appears to? (Maybe it does not support Vorbis comments, which is the usual tag format for FLAC; AFAIK there are some quirky players which can only read ID3 ... BTW, is your player listed at ?)

In mp3tag: if there's anything, you will see it.  In foobar2000: open the file in a playlist, click it, hit Alt+Enter for properties. There you will see tags, and you can edit them as well.