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Topic: Newbie with VBR and ABR MP3's and choosing Bit Rates (Read 10972 times) previous topic - next topic

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Newbie with VBR and ABR MP3's and choosing Bit Rates
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Since I am cannot re-rip my whole collection, (some of my files were ripped from cd's i dont own anymore) anyone have suggestions if it would be OK to change a wma over to a mp3. My wma collections ranges in 256 to 320cbr mode, non-protected.

Converting between lossy formats reduces quality.  However, since the source material is fairly high bitrate, you may not be able to notice any difference.  Try it and see.

The only problem with this would be the ones at 256. I would have to set the encoder to a 256bit rate max, because 320 doesnt exist on a 256.  I know im cutting down on the orginal quaility, (well i have to assume i am considering going lossy to lossy) and Im not sure if the final result will result in a messy mp3 or I could go with a ABR? NOt sure so ANy input would be great

This does not really make sense.  Are you thinking that for some reason you should try to match the bitrates between the source and destination files?  If so, there is no reason to do that.  The second encoder has no idea about the first.  It just tries to encode the file you give it (including any loss of quality from the first encoder) with minimal audible difference.  If you want very little audible difference, use high quality VBR.  If you think that the file is already degraded, perhaps you don't need very high accuracy and can use a lower setting.  Try it and see.

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Newbie with VBR and ABR MP3's and choosing Bit Rates
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I don't believe it's controversial to say that you stand to lose more audible quality when transcoding transparent mp3 to a second generation mp3 than converting lossless to mp3 using the same settings due to increased temporal smearing.
Is 24-bit/192kHz good enough for your lo-fi vinyl, or do you need 32/384?