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  • Wolfbane
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FooBar Random/Shuffle ?
Im new to Foobar, and cant seem to find how to make the FooBar play a random song after one song just finished.

Im aware that it is a "random song" button, but that only applies once you press it and it only happens once.

So how do I enable shuffle songs, so that it plays songs by random, without having to press the button each time.

  • kisli
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FooBar Random/Shuffle ?
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Right click on main toolbar -> Toolbars / Playback order.

  • DustMagnet
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FooBar Random/Shuffle ?
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In the Foobar menu, choose Playback > Order > Random or one of the Shuffle options.

That's so plausible, I can't believe it.

  • tipar
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Re: FooBar Random/Shuffle ?
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Hi. Got a problem here. If I am in a playlist but I want to shuffle or random in another one and I click on random once I activate the other playlist it still shuffles the other one that I was hearing previously. I have to actually start playing a song on the new one, then random. Annoying. Any help? Regards.
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