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Software / games that interfere with EAC

Just reinstalled Win 7 on a laptop and was curious: before I load this up with crap, are there any programs / games that interfere with EAC ripping properly?  For example, I'd like to have Alcohol 52 / Daemon Tools along with some EA games that have DRM (e.g. NHL2008).  In case it matters, I'm using an external Plextor USB drive to do the ripping.

Thoughts?  Thanks!

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Software / games that interfere with EAC
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Okay, let's try it a different way...

Do any of these programs / games interfere with EAC?
  • Alcohol 52 / 120
  • Daemon Tools
  • Imgburn
  • Roxio Creator
  • NHL2008

  • Propheticus
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Software / games that interfere with EAC
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Eh, I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'interfere'. Maybe you could explain what it is you're afraid of that might happen. Are you for instance concerned about merely installing the programs or is your question aimed at running them simultaneously while ripping?

I'm inclined to say: try it for yourself and see... If you install them one by one instead of all at once and at some point problems develop you know the likely culprit.
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Software / games that interfere with EAC
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I have imgburn and daemon tools installed. Never seen any interference from them, not even sure what they could do beyond getting exclusive access to the dvd drive thus locking out all other apps while burning/ripping.

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Software / games that interfere with EAC
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I can't speak for the other apps in the list, but I can speak for ImgBurn . . .

ImgBurn is one of the best Windows apps in its class and it does not interfere in the slightest with any other process (if it is not running).

If you want to make ImgBurn run in portable mode (app is fully contained in one folder, just like foobar2000 in 'portable mode'), here is the instructions . . .

How to make ImgBurn run as PORTABLE:
If you want ImgBurn to run as PORTABLE, do this:

Unpack the Setup EXE installer by using "Universal Extractor" (freeware -
Remove $PLUGINSDIR, $TEMP and Uniblue folders
and create a text file named "ImgBurn.ini" at App Directory, adding the following lines:

FILELOCATIONS_GraphDataFiles=.\Graph Data Files\
FILELOCATIONS_ImageFiles=.\Image Files\
FILELOCATIONS_LogFiles=.\Log Files\
FILELOCATIONS_ProjectFiles=.\Project Files\
FILELOCATIONS_QueueFiles=.\Queue Files\
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Software / games that interfere with EAC
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Thanks for the replies!  I too love ImgBurn. 

My concern is that the software / games would interfere with EAC ripping properly or accurately after I installed those programs.  I'm certainly not trying to run them all at the same time!  I just vaguely remember reading something back in the day about not loading programs that load or use ASPI layers??? (Alcohol / Daemon).  Since I use the Native Win option in EAC, I'm not sure this applies anymore - but any clarification on this is helpful!  I know EA Games is notorious for loading DRM crap and that's my concern with NHL2008.

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Software / games that interfere with EAC
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suck it and see? or google the particular game in question to see what DRM it uses. then google that to see if there any issues related to it.