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Playing 44.1 music at 44.1 vs 96
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Ok well there's a new problem--when using WASAPI, I get a bunch of intermittent clicks and pops during playing songs. That doesn't happen when I use DS: Primary sound driver. I tried installing the ASIO Foobar component to see if I heard clicks or pops with that, and ASIO seems to work fine. I guess it doesn't matter as it seems people think ASIO is just as good.

However, I cannot control/adjust the volume or any of the soundcard settings through the Xonar DG audio center (accessed through control panel) when I'm playing music in Foobar using the ASIO or WASAPI component. Why is this--is there a way around this?

I understand that ASIO allows you to have a direct connection with your soundcard, but then how do I adjust my soundcard settings when using ASIO?

Also, does using ASIO using result in an audible difference when compared to using DS: Primary sound driver? Is this something I should be worried about? The only thing I can tell is a volume difference when switching back and forth between the two....

Remember that IF it works part?

WASAPI does NOT work well for me, same issues pops, clicks, generally something is wrong feeling. I am going to look into ASIO and the UNI drivers.

I forget why I decided not to get a Xonar DG, lack on encoding ability I think vs the DS that does DTS Connect.