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Most revealing detailed headphone under 500$
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Sorry but I've never heard anyone define soundstage in an understandable way. If it means what I think it means I can't see how it would be achieved without a cross feed effect, which most audiophile steer clear of.

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Most revealing detailed headphone under 500$
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It's only audiophile if it's inconvenient.

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Most revealing detailed headphone under 500$
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Re "soundstage":

#TOS8 alert:

Grados (which are open-backed) are notorious for having a narrow soundstage subjectively.
This can be expanded to sound very similar to a "regular" open back headphone by placing spacer tubes between the driver housing and the earpad (I have done this experimentally with two different tube designs on four different Grado/Alessandro designs).
This suggests that the HRTF "soundstage" is more complex than just open/closed back.

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Most revealing detailed headphone under 500$
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I do remember hearing differences between closed back and open back headphones (mainly between cheap Sennheisers), but that hasn't happened to me in years. "Soundstage", as I understand it, is fine with my Bose QuietComfort 15s, my Sony MDR-XB700s and my Denon AH-D2000s (all closed back).
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Most revealing detailed headphone under 500$
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For that price get the HD650:

No way is the price of the 380s anything like that of the 650s.




ca. $125 for excellent factory refurbs.


refurbs very hard to find.

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Most revealing detailed headphone under 500$
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Note that ATH-M50s are not all created equal. Apparently their sound changed quite heavily mid-production, IIRC from rather bassy to neutral (or vice versa?).

So far no closed cans I've heard were free from a peculiar kind of midrange coloration, as good as they may have been otherwise (not even the TOTL Fostex ones, TH-900 or whatever they're called). I'm guessing it's reflections in the earpads, maybe combined with the coloration of outside noise. Plenty of people don't seem to be bothered by it, but I definitely am.

As far as a "baby HD800" goes, well, there is the obvious HD700. People don't seem to like it that much though (too shrill, apparently). Going into more obscure territory, a certain Wagner- and HD800-loving member of the German HiFi-Forum also ranked the cheapie Presonus HD7 very highly (though I imagine comfort may leave something to be desired), and the old HD590 would be another tip (which he still ranks at about K701 level in this application).

I can confirm HD590s make nice cans for orchestral works, and not a bad allrounder either; you do want a low-impedance output though, as in <22 ohms or so, so I use 'em on my Clip+. I've had mine for 12 years now, and unless you've got a big head and run out of headband adjustment range, they're very comfy - extremely light (the kitches scale says 214g sans cable), and light/thin cable, too. So far I've replaced all the pads and the cable once. The new headband pad in particular struck me as thicker than its factory-installed predecessor, even where the latter hadn't been subjected to pressure. Note that the drivers qualify as first-rate hair magnets, so you better clean out the earpieces regularly.
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Most revealing detailed headphone under 500$
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Thanks for all the infos guys. Lots to think about and test in the stores now