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how to check drive ripping accuracy?
I am in the early stages of re-ripping all my audio CD's to MPC, using CDex 1.50 + MPC 1.14, and I would like to know an easy way to check if my drive is giving accurate results. Although some CD burning software has utilities for checking extraction quality, this PC doesn't have a CD burner, it only has an Asus DVD-ROM drive since it is an HTPC. I want to know if this drive is giving accurate results or not, or else I will use another drive. My CD's are in very good to excellent condition, so scratches are not an issue. I'm ripping in paranoia/full mode using the generic drive profile in CDex. For those that will suggest it, I can't use EAC as it crashes on both machines I have tried it on. I'm encoding at --quality 8, so I want very good fidelity to the original CD's.

This system is running XP Pro / SP1 and has Adaptec ASPI layer 4.72 installed. The ripping drive is an Asus E-608 8x.

Any suggestions?


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how to check drive ripping accuracy?
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Try AccurateRip - it is bound to have some of your discs (1700 in its database), find one it knows about and do a full rip it will tell you it is matches.
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how to check drive ripping accuracy?
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Hi, your questions have been answered many times already, so if you want further info on what I'm going to tell you, please search the forum.

Well, there are a couple of things you can do. First, don't give up on EAC! Your problem sounds like an ASPI layer bug. Try downloading the  Nero ASPI and placing it on your EAC folder, enable "use external ASPI layer" from the EAC options menu and try to rip again, it should work.

If not, well, I don't know for certain for your drive but I think it is pretty safe to say that any current DVD ROM drive will give accurate results in pressed CDs that are not scratched or copy protected. There are three programs I know of that test DAE performance of drives. I will list them in order of accuracy:
1.- Exact Audio Copy's DAE Quality (It's kinda hard to perform, VERY long and I don't know if it will work on your drive, but it is the very best)
2.- Feurio It has a very good utility for detecting drive features
3.- Nero's CD Speed, not quite on par with the other two, but still good.

If nothing works, stick with CDex full paranoia. It is the best of your remaining choices, hands down.
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