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My flac.exe vanished
I went to rip a CD tonight and foobar could not locate the flac.exe.  And neither could I.

So I figured what the heck - I'll reinstall it.  When I did, the install wizard said it was already installed - and to do an uninstall first.  So I did that.

Then the new install failed with the message "There was an error registering a needed file with the operating system; FLAC frontend may not run." 

And sure enough.  foobar still cannot locate flac.exe


foobar2000 v1.1.11 Toshiba NB505 Netbook Windows 7 Starter

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My flac.exe vanished
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Antivirus? False negative? Copy ONLY flac.exe where you know it should be and try to rip again.

Use this one:;#entry725304
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My flac.exe vanished
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If you just need the FLAC encoder for use with foobar2000, it doesn't have to be installed on your system. All that is needed is the command line executable (flac.exe) which you can put anywhere and then point foobar2000 to it's location. You can use the version eahm linked to, or the download from the official FLAC/Sourceforge website, or the foobar2000 Free Encoder Pack.

Otherwise, if you need the FLAC encoder installed system-wide for use with other software, maybe you could post in the General Audio or FLAC forum for help with the FLAC installation issue (as it doesn't seem to be a problem with foobar2000).
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My flac.exe vanished
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Thanks guys.  It worked.  I'm not sure what was happening with that install wizard, but I am converting again with foobar just fine now.