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Failure to read ID3 tags on some files
Hi all,
About six months ago I started to notice the following phenomenon with foobar (today using 1.2.4).
Starting with a blank library. When I set a new library path in preferences, the files (around 25'000 mp3s and flacs) get imported into the library. They show in the folder pane on the left side. At the top I have a number of files (anything between 50 and several hundred) who are listed under album "?". The title of the song is shown correctly. When I mark the song and press enter, it goes to the playlist and the ID3 tags appear and it is moved to the correct album. It is then no longer shown under album "?".
Seems a strange bug. It appears on all my PCs.

Failure to read ID3 tags on some files
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My guess is that it hasn't finished scanning your huge library yet. Leave it on for a while and it should work.