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wbloggar plugin?

i use wbloggar to post in my blog
since wbloggar 3.01 there is a nice feature to post ur playing song
here is a link to a winamp plugin for this

the plugin write down the currectly playing to registry
so its not hard to write a plugin?
i am a programming noob so i cant

perhaps anyone other out there will do it?

atm moment i do it with the copy paste function from foobar..
but a plugin would be nice

wbloggar plugin?

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Ahhh, so you're one of those spammers of useful net, shame on you and find a better thing to do; Would be better for you and everybody else. (Note the not so good attempt at rhymes ...)

Stop the weblog spammers!

wbloggar plugin?

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Err, ignoring the previous post..

I second the motion for a plugin which feeds the currently playing tune info to a blog frontend, except I'd like it for Semagic, which picks up WinAMP fine, but since I gave that player the flick months ago I now need to enter the current tune manually whenever I blog something earth-shattering such as what I had for tea. Not a real important request, would probably be about as useful as foo_mirc.  The new plugin would just need to somehow fake the way WinAMP 'announces' the song and I assume would probably take someone half a hour or less to make. But then, I'm not a programmer so I could be way off there..
-- Dean-Ryan Stone

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