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High CPU usage after playing stops (50%)
Hi guys, i have this weird problem, very high CPU usage (>50%), even after playing stops.

Foobar 1.2.3 portable with the default interface, no DSP activated.

Components installed: Asio support, Monkey audio decoder, WASAPI output support (currently playing through) and Waveform seek bar (downmix to mono, directx9).

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I had the same configuration for a while, but it started recently (i guess after i updated to 1.2.4 so i reinstalled portable version of 1.2.3 and copied all the settings manually). Any ideea what's happening?


Later edit: it's foo_wave_seekbar.dll (, because 0.2.33 randomly doesnt display the waveform) that's causing the problem.
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High CPU usage after playing stops (50%)
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