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Topic: Conversion (wave 2 m4a/flac) without loosing tags (Read 1532 times) previous topic - next topic

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Conversion (wave 2 m4a/flac) without loosing tags

Current situation:
I have a huge (500+) archive of ripped CDs and recorded Vinyls.
The format is wav and they all are tagged very accurately.
(This is because I’ve had a nice player on my music server that was able to play these files and arrange them by using the tags.)

The aim:
I want to convert these archive 1:1 to a more usable format – maybe m4a or flac. (Because a lot of devices (mobile phones, TVs,...) are not able to read these tags or even to play the files.)
A 1:1 conversion of the whole file structure should not the problem (I hope so) BUT – I want to carry all tags from the wav files to the new format.

Is there a possibility to do so?

Thanks a lot

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Conversion (wave 2 m4a/flac) without loosing tags
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Generic answer: foobar2000 can do this. Conveniently, its official forums are hosted right on this very site.

Out of curiosity, what did you use to tag the WAVs, and do you know which type of tag is used? I don’t want to start yet another back-and-forth by various members on the incidence or legitimacy of tags in WAV, but it’s interesting to see a post from someone who’s actually used them!

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Conversion (wave 2 m4a/flac) without loosing tags
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TAudioConverter can copy tags and also preserve folder structure.

Conversion (wave 2 m4a/flac) without loosing tags
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Yes, tagging wavs was not so clever but it worked very easily (automatically for the CDs) with “mediamonkey”. These “project” started over 10 years ago and mp3/flac was not a suitable solution (for me) at that time. Using the tagged wavs works still very fine on the server but unfortunately my car radio, mobile phone, TV...  don’t like them ;-)
I will check the type later and report.

Thanks so far.
I’ll try these tools during the next days.