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Save current Track info to txt
I'm pretty new to Foobar and I'm pretty buffed how modable a music player can be.
My player is still far from perfection and there is still a long way to go.

First of all my current task is to create a function to save the current playing song and Artist to a text file.
Is there any plugin for this or is it even possible to create textfiles with foobar?

The reason behind this is that I mostly listen to internet radio streams and I want to note the songs I liked.
I kept noting them myself with notepad and VLC which I missused as music player the last 3 years but a function like that would increase my playervalue by a huge chunk.

I would love it if somebody of you guys could lead me to the right direction.

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Save current Track info to txt
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The component Now Playing Simple may be what you are looking for.

Its output is based on foobar2000's Title Formatting and thus highly configurable.

The player's console has a logging function as well but it can not be configured.
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