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External Storage Recommendations?

Hello, I am currently using a laptop with a 12 GB internal hard drive. Everything runs great, except I realized about a year or so ago that I am quickly running out of space. Since I listen to heavy rock music, my VBR MP3's were bloating terribly. So I switched to Musepack --xtreme (greater quality at a good, pretty constant file size) and haven't looked back.

However, my collection of Musepack files is continously growing and I am once again running into that space issue. CD-R/CD-RW's are good, but they also have a limited size and it is a pain in a butt to find out which CD has the song I want to listen to.

I would like to get an external USB or PC Card hard drive. At least 30 GB, the more the better though. However, I am a college student, so I am looking for the best size for a cheap cost.

Any recommendations? I'll be stuck with this laptop for at least another 2 years, so I need to find some kind of storage solution.