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Sound quality of amplifiers
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Thanks for doing the digging Arnold. There is a Source Direct mode but the noisefloor doesn't drop when engaging it. Re. volume control, I'm surprised but in retrospect it makes sense. The volume chip doesn't work that great though (compared to the analog pot of my old Marantz Pm80-mkII, a really great, silent amplifier) since the volume steps don't smooth out when quickly changing the volume, resulting in strange distortion and at high settings small clicks are produced when steps are changed.

FWIW I finally found the cables to do an RMAA test of the HPh out (that should be representative since it's driven from the main amplifier according to the block diagram). The 50Hz buzz is visible in the graphs.

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Sound quality of amplifiers
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So yeah, I finally found another 3.5mm to RCA cable and connected the amplifier to the soundcard over the 6.1 Source-Direct input, one for FL/FR and the other for C/SW. I do bass management at the Windows driver level but had to increase SW's gain on the amplifier because the motherboard's SW channel is quiet.  Now I enjoy mostly inaudible noisefloor at common listening volumes. The headphone output is inoperational this way but oh well.

Sadly my motherboard lacks SP/DIF otherwise I wouldn't have all these problems.
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Sound quality of amplifiers
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Is the following statement true or false:

Any transistor-based amplifier with enough power to drive a specific pair of loudspeakers will sound exactly the same as any other transistor-based amplifier with enough power to drive the same pair of loudspeakers. (Sorry about the long sentence).

If the statement is true: does anyone have any links to ABX-tests of amplifiers?

This is falls. Sound quality depends on various facts

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Sound quality of amplifiers
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So why are you not explaining these “facts”?