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  • robert
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Hi, this one looks great!
My best wishes for Project Mayhem. Make it a biggy!

  • Dibrom
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Hey there Robert! 

Thanks for the kind words.  We have some big plans for this whole site including the forum, and I hope that together we can all make this something great!

  • sphoid
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well.... im completely speechless. Dibrom, you have simply outdone yourself this time. Project Mayhem has been an idea floating around the backs of our minds for years, even before it had a name or a purpose. This site has been a top secret project that dibrom has been working on im sure with minimal sleep for the last 2 or 3 weeks; ive been poking at him the whole time trying to pry out some details of what strange concoction he had in the works without much fruition. Well, in the interest of avoiding excessive dramatic introduction im pleased to announce, Project Mayhem is now open for business.

I will be making some posts in the recent future in regards to the Hydrogen Utilities road map and basic information for those of you who are still unsure about what Hydrogen is. Im probably stating the obvious, but i want to reiterate that Hydrogen is being developed with community in mind so that means that everyone's input is imperative to the advancement of our cause and products. For everyone who participates, we welcome you and we appreciate your input. Have at it folks.

  • YouriP
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Yes, this looks like it's gonna become something big.  Best of luck, Dibrom!

  • mitiok
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congratulations! you did!


  • Riggs
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This looks great and I know it's going to be great why because it's all my fav formats in one place which is the greatest thing to happen since well I don't know but it is a great thing to happen.

  • stoff
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Awesome, Dibrom! :flipoff:

BTW: It's very nice to see Ogg Vorbis added to the forum.

Regards, stoff
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  • Radboy
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Radboy checking in.

NIce forum.

  • ancl
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Thank you Dibrom!
This really looks great...
I will probably visit this place a lot - All interesting codecs in on place. 

I'm afraid I wont post a lot though - I'm kind of shy...



  • Artemis3
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Agreed; best hope for the site!
She is waiting in the air

  • Somebody
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nice forum

  • krolyk
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wow! the very best forum i've ever seen.. I mean technically..
people are good too..
We'll see what will grow out of this. Hope for the best

BTW, I love Fight Club too -- I've just finished writing script that adds a random cite to every my mail message. Fight Club cites only