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xxAdobe showcases new speech synthesis app

05 November, 2016, 09:40:08 PM by shakey_snake | Views: 614 | Comments: 2

"Designed to be a state-of-the-art audio editing application VoCO can also generate new words using a speaker’s recorded voice. Apparently the software can understand the quality of a persons voice and replicate it from only 20min of recorded material."

xxOpus 1.2-alpha is out

03 November, 2016, 04:15:59 PM by jmvalin | Views: 632 | Comments: 2

We just released Opus 1.2-alpha. It's an alpha release for the upcoming Opus 1.2. It comes with many improvements, including:
  • Speech quality improvements especially in the 12-20 kbit/s range
  • Improved VBR encoding for hybrid mode
  • More aggressive use of wider speech bandwidth, including fullband speech starting at 14 kbit/s
  • Music quality improvements in the 32-48 kbit/s range
  • Generic and SSE CELT optimizations
  • Support for directly encoding packets up to 120 ms
  • DTX support for CELT mode
  • SILK CBR improvements
  • Support for all of the fixes in draft-ietf-codec-opus-update-04 (the mono downmix and the folding fixes need --enable-update-draft)
  • Many bug fixes, including integer overflows discovered through fuzzing (no security implications)

You can get it here. Please give it a try and report any issues.

cliplossyflac v1.2 released (uses lossyWAV and flac)

27 September, 2016, 11:33:48 AM by tycho | Views: 1072 | Comments: 8

lossyflac v1.2 converts between WAV/FLAC and lossy.flac/lwcdf.flac
Resulting lossy.flac and flac files store tags and picture art from input.

Usage: lossyflac inputfile... [lossywav-options] [@ flac-options]

This tool makes it easy to convert back and forth between FLAC and lossy.flac + lwcdf.flac files, while maintaining tags and picture art. Required tools are flac.exe, metaflac.exe and lossyWAV.exe somewhere in %PATH%. Un-comment the line: REM set "dir=%~dp0" to use tools placed in the same folder as lossyflac.cmd instead of PATH.

Some examples
1) Convert all flac and wav files in current folder to lossy.flac files (keeps flac tags and art).
  lossyflac *.flac *.wav -o outdir -s o @ -6

2) Convert all flacs in folder into tagged lossy.flac and correction files (lwcdf.flac)
  lossyflac *.flac -o lfdir -C -f

3) Reconstruct (merge) all the original tagged flac files from lossy.flac and correction flac files.
  lossyflac lfdir\*.lossy.flac -M -o flacdir

- fixed argument parsing of - for stream in.
- option -o outname corrected. Will now work with dBpoweramp and others.
- temporary files now in %TEMP% folder, not output.
- fixed handling of special characters in file names.