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xx Rockbox 3.14 released

30 April, 2017, 10:00:45 PM by saratoga | Views: 3898 | Comments: 19

After 4 years of development, version 3.14 of the open source digital audio player operating system Rockbox has been released

Some new things since version 3.13:

  • Ipod Nano 2G, Sansa Fuze+, Sony NWZ E360/E370/E380, Creative Zen Mozaic, Zen X-Fi, Zen X-Fi 3, Zen X-Fi Style, Samsung YH-820, YH-920 and YH-925 are now stable
  • Greatly improved USB support on the Ipod Nano 2G, Ipod Classic, Sansa Clip v2, Clip+, Clip Zip, and Fuze v2
  • Battery life on Sansa Clip v2, Clip+, Clip Zip, and Fuze v2 is approximately doubled
  • New DSP effects including Haas effect surround sound, perceptual bass enhancement, and fatigue reduction
  • Configurable master sampling rate and new resampler
  • Improved Opus and SPC performance and compatibility
  • Improved file browser and music database performance
  • Several new games and plugins

See full release notes: 3.14 

xxFLAC v1.3.2 Final

02 January, 2017, 12:39:01 AM by NetRanger | Views: 19857 | Comments: 52

FLAC 1.3.2 released - 1 Jan 2017
Code improvements and hardening and many minor bug fixes. See the changelog for more information.

xxWavPack 5.0.0 Final Release

09 December, 2016, 01:38:06 PM by bryant | Views: 15410 | Comments: 82

Major changes:
  • added: handle multiple input formats, including RF64, Wave64, and CAF
  • added: lossless DSD audio compression in Philips DSDIFF and Sony DSF files
  • fixed: seeking in > 2GB WavPack files (with new 64-bit stream reader)
  • fixed: accept > 4GB source audio files (covers all source formats)

complete changelog
download link

Thanks to everyone at HA who helped with this along the way!