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WavPack 5.7.0 Release

2024-03-01 15:49:38 by bennetng | Views: 2434 | Comments: 7

                     Release 5.7.0 - February 29, 2024

 WavPack Library Source Code - 5.7.0
 wavpack.exe (command-line encoder) - 5.7.0
 wvunpack.exe (command-line decoder) - 5.7.0
 wvgain.exe (command-line ReplayGain scanner) - 5.7.0
 wvtag.exe (command-line tagging utility) - 5.7.0
 cool_wv4.flt (Cool Edit / Audition filter) - 4.2
 added: multithreaded encoding and decoding to libwavpack (optional)
 added: option to specify multithreading in CLI programs (--threads)
 added: multithreading support to Cool Edit filter (always enabled)
 added: support for ID3v2.4 when importing tags (--import-id3)
 added: optional bitrate specification to wavpack -c option
 added: Windows native threads in wvtest, builds with MSVC
 added: recognize WAV files with new fourcc of 'BW64'
For more changes see

[OPEN SOURCE] AudioAlign: Audio Synchronization And Analysis Tool 1.5.0

2023-12-08 21:50:20 by | Views: 5879 | Comments: 3

Updated version with prebuild binary finally out:

AudioAlign is a research tool to investigate automatic synchronization of audio and video recordings that have either been recorded in parallel at the same event or contain the same aural information. It is designed as a GUI for the Aurio library.

Use cases
AudioAlign has been developed for a research project with the goal to automatically synchronize audio and video recordings, recorded at the same time at the same event, e.g. a speech or a music concert. The idea was to synchronize all those videos taken from the crowd and combine them to

  • generate multicamera cuts by switching between perspectives (video),
  • create videos with full or at least better event coverage,
  • replace bad quality audio or video tracks with better ones, or
  • detect interesting moments (where many recordings have been captured at the same time).

For more, see the readme.

Full Changelog:
Official git:
Direct Download link:
.NET SDK 6 (needed):

ffmpeg 6.1 released 2023-11-11

2023-11-13 19:26:52 by Porcus | Views: 5526 | Comments: 0

ffmpeg version 6.1 is out:
It promises a faster FFT/MDCT/DCT/DST processing through a new libavutil/tx library (more information "coming soon").

Other major news items can be found
6.1 has been "overdue for at least half a year" according to the development team; 7.0 is still planned for a February 2024 release.